Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are proven ways to rebuild a smile after damage to the teeth or after some teeth are lost. At Dental Care of Texas, our dentists have extensive experience placing both crowns and bridges and bringing back beautiful smiles.

A dental crown, or cap, which is placed over your natural tooth, is used to restore a damaged or decayed tooth. Crowns are designed to support the natural structure of your tooth and can also help you bite and chew better, which can positively impact other bodily functions, including your digestive system.

When a tooth is damaged but can be saved, a crown is often a good option. Crowns look, feel and function like a natural tooth. A crown protects and strengthens tooth structure that cannot be restored with fillings or other types of restoration. A crown may also be used after root canal treatment, on top of an implant, or when a discolored or stained tooth needs to be restored to its natural appearance.

If you are missing a tooth, crowns can be used to secure a dental bridge that replaces the missing tooth or teeth. These are prosthetics designed to be cosmetically appealing while restoring your full smile.

While there are several types of crowns, porcelain crowns are the most popular, because they best resemble your natural teeth. They are highly durable and designed to last many years. A porcelain crown is custom-made to fit over the entire tooth, starting at the gum line in order to restore the tooth to its original shape, size and function.

The experienced team at your local Dental Care of Texas office starts by taking an impression of your tooth. You are fitted with a temporary crown while the lab creates your custom-made crown. When your crown is ready, you'll return to have your temporary dental crown removed and your permanent one put in place.

With proper care and good oral hygiene, crowns can last for decades. Caring for your crown properly will ensure your smile continues to look and function its best throughout the years.

Your dentist at Dental Care of Texas in Allen, Flower Mound, Roanoke, Watauga and Southlake, Texas can provide you with additional information about restoring the look of a lost, damaged or chipped tooth using a dental crown or bridge. To learn more, call us today to make an appointment.

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"I have nothing but great things to say about Dental Care of Texas. Definitely most affordable around the area, and also have payment plans that help single Mom's like myself. Staff is always nice and very helpful. I have another kid that's going to need braces soon and I will be returning to Dental Care of Texas, without a doubt."

Robin A. Robin A.

"The front office staff has been very helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to scheduling my appointments or working with my insurance, and I know I can trust the care I receive from their hygienists and dentists. All of that is really just a bonus to the awesome convenience of being able to go in on a Saturday!"

Leslie A. Leslie A.

"I am very impressed with the staff. They are friendly, professional, courteous, and a joy to be around. A very nice clean professional facility, great for kids and family. I can see why this becomes everyone's dentist. Job well done!"

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